buy, Operate family owned businesses

Step into the next phase of your life without looking back because your business id right where it needs to be


Every business owner reaches their limit at some point due to any reason.  It’s natural that you have worked hard tirelessly day and night and to build your successful business. 

Not all will understand what you have been through, how much sleep you have sacrificed to reach where you are today.  

Maybe now you’re finally prepared to relax, retire, and give up work. Or you have certain aims in life that you feel like you would still like to accomplish before retirement but need to free up both time and money for that. 

Now you are finally looking for someone to invest in your business or buy your family owned business.


Time to move on

 Or, perhaps your business has reached a point where it’s ready and needs for fresh leadership to take it to the next level and achieve much higher goals. 

Whatever your inspiration, you may sense that it is finally time to move on. Or, you may be prepared to leave today, but don’t know where to begin tomorrow.

It’s natural that you care about the goodwill and the legacy you have built and the people that have been part of your long journey and have seen you struggle to build a name for your business.

Now that you’ve finally decided and have taken the tough decision to sell your business and are look for potential buyers to buy and invest in your business all you need to make sure of is that the acquirer understands the struggles you’ve been through to make your business stand out.

Sit back and be well assured that your team is being taken care of

It is also vital that you leave without having any type of doubts and regrets because you’re well assured and satisfied that your customers, clienteles, vendors, and your team will always remember you in good terms. Also, you need to make sure that they are being taken care of by the new owners.

Finding a home for your business can be tricky but also a wonderful process

Knowing that your business is the best business to buy it’s necessary to know that your business finds a home and is in safe hands so that you can easily step into the next phase of your life without any worries.

Pro business balance is a private company which is founded by successful entrepreneurs who have grown, helped their businesses reach new heights, have operated businesses and exited business with integrity and honor.



We acquire the ideal businesses that fit the following criteria:

  • A family owned business or a closely held business which have maximum 3 controlling shareholders.
  • A small business or a medium sized business or a type of lower market company.
  • Positive EBITDA
  • The business has been operated or is at least 7 years old.
  • Has an efficient middle management team in order.
  • Has a minimum of 15 devoted employees.


If you think that you have found a perfect fit and we are all what you need then click the button below and let’s schedule a quick 15-minute meeting call.

We would love to get to know about you and discuss how we may be of utmost help to you.

If you think that we may not be a perfect match then we would be glad to refer you to someone in our network of investors who you would have a perfect understanding with and would be ready to deliver you the perfect work.

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