How We're Different

Davis FTB Group is an entrepreneur-managed firm specializing in buying and growing businesses, providing equity investment, and business turnaround. With real operating experience, we take a hands-on approach to working with our companies.

Too many buyers and investors come with a checkbook and a chainsaw (or, if you’re lucky, a scalpel) … but lack the in-the-trenches experience to ensure your company survives with your vision intact.


Life is too short to work with people who don’t share your values. Here are the ones by which we operate.

  • Plain Talk: We tell it like it is and don’t sugarcoat things. We have a thick skin and welcome feedback.
  • Integrity: We are reliable and do what we say we will.
  • Value Creation: If we can’t add value, we’ll be open about it.
  • Speed: We move fast and decisively because we have planned in advance.
  • No Drama: We don’t partake in, or accept, workplace drama.

If these don’t resonate with you, we’re probably not a fit.

What To Do Next

If we sound like a fit for you, click the button below to schedule a quick 15 minute call. We’ll discuss if and how we can help you. 

If we’re not a fit, we’re happy to refer you to someone in our network of investors who fits your needs for the perfect work.

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